Rev Lorana Clark

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Duality is the Illusion

This book is an examination of our core beliefs. I am offering a Spiritual Approach to Healing Your Life. Releasing Addictions, and Self Defeating Beliefs that are keeping you stuck in old patterns. A New AGE Is DAWNING.. Be part of the solution.


“Duality is the Illusion” is presented as a course that will help you identify where you are at and point the way to where you would like to go. It is a journey through all the varied ideas that have presented to us which are coming from Religion beliefs all the way to Science Fiction.

  I am summing up some of the most popular theories and then exploring these different beliefs that we have been exposed to. Many of which, we now have at the deepest level of your awareness and are running unchallenged in our life. I am presenting an overview of possibilities instead of a bunch of random theories and tie it all together in a working model for healing.

  My work in this book uses my 40+ years of spiritual education and my personal spiritual experiences, to help others make sense of  the changes that appear to be happening all around us. I hope to leave my readers with a better sense of who they really are as spiritual beings, rather than powerless victims of the world around them.  I apply the awareness of our Oneness to addictions and other ills that are running rampant on our planet at this time.We can run headlong into disaster meanwhile hiding our heads in the sand of addictions or we can face the future and graduate as citizens of the cosmos. It is up to us.


© Reverend Lorana Clark

Oceans in Time

This book is a Romantic and mystical journey into the afterlife. It will challenge you to stretch your thoughts toward a higher perspective of the life you are currently living and why you chose it.  It will offer you an idea of what it might be like to live your true life in the stars after you have completed this mission on Gaia.

 Getting a Psychic Reading

 If you have ever thought of getting a psychic reading this book is for you!

It is with love and gratitude that I offer this small question and answer book. It will help you understand the many types of psychic readings. I am often asked to recommend a specific type of reading. There are many types of Readings. It depends on what type of information you are seeking. Here, I am able to offer my years of knowledge of the subject, hopefully in an enlightening and entertaining way.

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“Oceans in Time” is derived from my extensive study into past life regression and life between life hypnosis. I was inspired to write it by the passing of my beloved and the angels. It takes you through the things we have learned from near death accounts and many other avenues, not the least of those is my own intuition, inspiration and imagination. I call those the big 3 when it comes to receiving guidance from our higher source. In this work our soul group will be ascending the third dimensional plane and returning home to the world we left before we got lost in the energies of Gaia. Home has changed since we left. You will be surprised by the ending. It is a good, sweet and easy read that will leave you with a “what if”question in your mind. My advise to you is to feel the answer in your own soul.