In the Clinical environment :

I am an Ordained Science of Mind Minister, with a Counseling Practitioners license from the Alliance for Spiritual Understanding, formally Global Religious Science Ministries. I am also an Addictions counselor, clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master Healer, Past Life Regression Therapist, Group Development Facilitator, and Behavioral Therapist .

In the Psychic environment:

 It has been my privilege to serve Spirit for over 40 years as a Nationally Accredited Psychic and Certified Astrologer.  I offer Tarot, Palm, Astrology and Mediumship readings at my office in Hartsville Indiana.  I also participate in Renaissance festivals with The Celestial Thyme Renaissance Troop .

My readings are too the point and I am always positive in my approach. I will help you find ways to change your circumstances for the better, if need be.  

I have authored three books , “Getting a Psychic Reading”, “Duality is the Illusion” and  “Oceans in Time”.

 I am honored to have Channeled with Jonet Crowley in the White Eagle Group in Boulder CO.,  I became a Vision Weaver with Maia Khan in the Icelandic Shaman tradition.


 I offer a blend of traditional and non-traditional modalities. I like to blend Reiki, Hypnosis and Science of Mind together.

As you find and release past programming,  a new awareness awakens within you.  You begin to Consciously use the "Law of Attraction" to bring joy to life. The "soul" purpose of my practice is to help awaken you to your beautiful self and your own divine design. The more of us who awaken the better it is for all.


Intuitive Awareness, Reiki Healing, Past Life Regression, Behavior Modification and Addiction Releasing.  Hypnosis,  NLP,  Astrological Counseling,  Science of Mind Treatment, Higher Self  Invocations and Guided Imagery.

© Reverend Lorana Clark

I am a Spiritual Pragmatist. I don’t mince words and I like to tell it like it is.

Rev Lorana Clark

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