Consultations and Readings

Printed computer generated reports

Astrology Natal Reports $30.00

Your Year Ahead $30.00

Durer’ star Chart $30.00

Compatibility Chart  $50.00

Printed chart plus+++

Astrological Consultation and Problem Solving by mail $75.00

Shipping included

Complete personal natal reading and examination of your upcoming year and problem solving in person or via phone or skype $150.00

You must call or email to give me your birth data.

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Nationally Known, Professional and Caring, Psychic

By changing your present you can affect your future.

Attract Happiness into your life journey

Tarot, Palm Astrology and Mediumship

If you would like a personal consultation please Email and we will make arrangements to connect. I offer personal readings at renaissance festivals around the country, and private readings at my office in Nashville Indiana. I can also be reached for Readings via phone 832-444-8380 or MissLorana on Skype

Submit$2.00 per min. 15 min minimum

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House Parties and Work shops

I am available for psychic house parties and Past life group regressions. I also offer 1 or 2 day workshop centered around advancing your spiritual awareness and learning the healing, astrology or intuitive arts.

Contact me for information. I am in Indiana  from May to October Dec to March . I am in Houston Texas from October to Dec. Again from March to May.

Past life group regressions are guided  journeys that are fun and will also help you to understand the intentions you carried into this life from the past . The problems that you have in this life may have their roots in past life situations, that when understood bring healing.

House parties must have at least 8 people at $25.00 per person.

Readings are approximately 10 to 15 min. In length.  Hostess is free

Star chart is 16" X 20" and is filled out with your personal planets. Suitable for Framing.

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Rev Lorana Clark

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