Rev Lorana Clark

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Alliance for Spiritual Understanding


Science of Mind  Classes

Followed by 1 yr of Licentiate and then Ordination  


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I  offer Weddings and blessings of all types. I believe it is the intent of the unions, not the legality placed on them by bureaucracy.

House Blessings and Clearing brings peace of mind..

email for further details.

Science of Mind

 Science of mind is a philosophy that teaches the law of attraction and the law of intention.  When I am home my Sunday morning service is on Wednesday night at 7:PM I offer blog talks and workshops. It is my intention to create a community of positive individuals in the S. Indiana area that are able to further peaceful coexistence and happiness as a societal norm. Join me in my journey toward the great Awakening of humanity on this planet.

I am a fully accredited Science of Mind Organization. We can offer you the opportunity to become a Science of Mind Minister with full ordination and all of the benefits that come with that title.

These courses must be taken in sequence to obtain an accredited practitioners license in Science of Mind. Part of the course work is done via email and  part conducted via skype.

Ministerial classes will be offered after personal interviews and other considerations are met.  

Other Healing Modalities