Celestial Circus

The original big top pictured here by the reflecting pool at the Virginia Renaissance Festival in 1998.

Origianl Big Top

The History

The Celestial Circus Renaissance Troop was established in the early 1980's by Brother Gregory and Dr John who were Christian Brothers and avid astronomers. We presented an Astrology and Astronomy show that combines the art and the science of the Stars to both entertain and enlighten.

Brother Gregory Retired In 2000. He was the main attraction. I miss him greatly as it is not nearly as much fun without him.

Never fear, I am still having fun... He taught me that to have fun is the best way to live.. In the NOW....

We Shrank the Big Top

new little bigtop

We are now the Celestial Thyme

Celestial Thyme has a Mini Zodiac tent where we offer Astrology, Tarot, Palm, and Psychic Mediumship readings

Our readings are always professional and offered with compassion and integrity. We have a reputation for being the best and most professional readers in the festival

My ministry teaches that we can choose our circumstances within the scope of our life contract. I help my clients make choices that will enhance their lives and spiritual growth. All the readers that are partners with me understand this principle and empower instead of enable.

We strive to create better understanding and choices for those that we serve. We give thanks that we serve Spirit and we give thanks that we serve others.


© Reverend Lorana Clark

Rev Lorana Clark

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