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When working  with Celestial Thyme Renaissance Troop we do not give “Gypsy” or “Faire” readings. We offer sincere insights into your future direction based on the current life trajectory. We can “see” events coming up, but we also understand how you set the stage to attract these events. The future is written by you and can only be changed by you.. The good news is that if you don’t like the direction your life is heading you are able to “change your thinking and change your life”. You chose your life lessons, make the best choices within them.

I am available at Renaissance Festivals. and also for private consultations at my office in Nashville, Indiana.

Check Facebook /Celestialthyme for details on where I will be.

I can also be reached via Skype for private sessions. Contact me by Email or message me on Facebook


Celestial Thyme

47 E Main St Ste 2B

Old School House Way

Nashville Indiana


Celestial Thyme

Plantersville, TX.


Contact us;


Email Revlorana@gmail.com

Skype Misslorana

Spiritual and Astrological Counseling

Tarot, Palm, and Mediumship Readings

Metaphysical and Behavioral Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression, Reiki

Science of Mind Treatment

I am a New Thought Minister, Author and Nationally known  Psychic.  I have 40+ years experience in the metaphysical arts. Come visit my shop in Nashville Indiana at Old School House Way

Miss Lorana’s Celestial Thyme

47 E Main St. Suite 2B

 Nashville Indiana.

 Open from May to September, Thurs.-Sat. noon-5pm

   Walk-in’s welcome

 Monthly drumming circle in the planning process  

By appointment only in winter months.

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Walk-in’s welcome

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